Trump Is Now Convincingly Less Transparent Than Obama

On Friday, the Trump White House announced it will end an Obama Administration policy to make visitor logs public, which raises more questions as to whether Donald Trump intends to be any more transparent than Barack Obama, or if he is even interested in at least pretending to keep his campaign promises.

It’s funny, not just because the intentions behind this move are so blatantly obvious (Trump doesn’t want the public to know who he meets with. I wonder why.), but because he himself took to Twitter to complain that Obama was turning his back on a campaign pledge and was the “least transparent President–ever”.

Donald Trump Tweet on Obama Transparency

There have been countless transgressions committed and lies told by Trump and his team since the inauguration, not to mention ongoing bipartisan investigations into his campaign’s ties to Russia in both the House and Senate. Imagine what further improprieties would take place if there were tighter restrictions on public dissemination of government information?

Making it harder for journalists and the public to know what their politicians are doing, or who they’re meeting with, is helpful for only one demographic: politicians.

Trump being Trump, you can bet he’s got shady contacts he wishes he could meet without everyone finding out. The good news is, this initiative will probably fail in court, if it isn’t reversed before then. The bad news? It’ll probably be four more years until the increasingly-murky swamp is drained.

Donald Trump Tweet on Draining the Swamp


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